Thursday, September 30, 2004

Nice article on Unit Test Patterns

Think you know all the patterns in Unit Testing, think again, here are the various Unit Testing Patterns.

Unit Testing Patterns

Pass/Fail Patterns

  • The Simple-Test Pattern
  • The Code-Path Pattern
  • The Parameter-Range Pattern
Data Driven Test Patterns
  • The Simple-Test-Data Pattern
  • The Data-Transformation-Test Pattern
Data Transaction Patterns
  • The Simple-Data-I/O Pattern
  • The Constraint-Data Pattern
  • The Rollback Pattern
Collection Management Patterns
  • The Collection-Order Pattern
  • The Enumeration Pattern
  • The Collection-Constraint Pattern
  • The Collection-Indexing Pattern
Performance Patterns
  • The Performance-Test Pattern
Process Patterns
  • The Process-Sequence Pattern
  • The Process-State Pattern
  • The Process-Rule Pattern
Simulation Patterns
  • Mock-Object Pattern
  • The Service-Simulation Pattern
  • The Bit-Error-Simulation Pattern
  • The Component-Simulation Pattern
Multithreading Patterns
  • The Signalled Pattern
  • The Deadlock-Resolution Pattern
Stress-Test Patterns
  • The Bulk-Data-Stress-Test Pattern
  • The Resource-Stress-Test Pattern
  • The Loading-Test Pattern
Presentation Layer Patterns
  • The View-State Test Pattern
  • The Model-State Test Pattern

Read on at Advanced Unit Testing: Patterns by Marc Clifton

Thanks to the author for this material on Unit Testing.

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